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A New Series....Maybe

There's been a thing floating around my head about regrets. I have a few (haha!).  I know many people say they wouldn't change things in their lives because all of their choices led to who they are now.

Whatever.  I think that's mostly a platitude as we all know we can't currently travel through time.  (If any future person reads this, come pick me up in your TARDIS immediately please!)

Anyway, a well known "cure" for issues is to just get rid of them, maybe write a letter and burn it, or just yell at the sky, so that's sort of what I'm going to do.

A series of posts titled "Things I Wish I'd Said".  A bit like a diary I suppose, but perhaps someone out there someday might relate and know they aren't alone with how they feel.

First post will likely be a short one as it's an incident from when I was 5 or so. Not a whole lot of details standing out from that long ago overall.

It's time I get back to writing. I took too long of a br…
Recent posts

Very disappointed I am

This whole Harvey Weinstein thing has put a spotlight on the hypocrisy of Hollywood in a big way and they're circling the wagons.

I'm writing up a post about my take on it as sexual assault & rape are things that I deeply care about.

The responses by the glitterati and average people have been incredibly disappointing overall, though not entirely unexpected.  Unfortunately.

More to come!

Random Update

I haven't written anything meaningful lately, I know.

So here's my excuse.

Someone out there germed me. Got me sick and I'm still sick.  This is why I don't like the evil outside when there are crowds.

Then there was a family medical issue which meant a hospital stay and my having to take care of life for others, setting aside my own.

I'm sure you know how it all goes!

I have been researching though.  The last couple of weeks of hysterical, irrational freak-outs by Political Twitter and 24/7 cable news has just exploded the options on what to write about.

Point is, I'm still at it and I will get something up as soon as I possibly can!

Stick with me!  It's worth it.

Raped By Rape Culture

If it wasn't obvious to you, this is going to be about rape. And sexual things.  If this *cough* triggers you, look away.

Let me start with the rational bits.
1 of every 6 American women have been the victim of attempted rape or completed rape.1 in 33 American men have been the victim of attempted rape or completed rape.Ages 12-34 are the highest risk for sexual assault and rape.1 out of every 10 rape victims are male. 68% of sexual assaults of non-student females do NOT get reported to police.80% of sexual assaults of college student females do NOT get reported to police.90% of sexual assaults of military males do NOT get reported to authorities.Out of 1,000 rapes, 994 perpetrators will walk free.45% of sexual violence is done by someone the victim knows.25% of sexual violence is done by a current or former spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.93% of juvenile victims of sexual abuse knew the perpetrator.In 2013 about 12% of all state inmates were in jail for sexual violence crimes.The …

Migraines Suck

Since beginning this new blog I've been plagued by massive migraines.  It's been pissing me off.  Hours of research and my head about explodes.

I've now bought amber lens glasses to block blue light, I've added an app which changes the screen based on the movement of the sun, I've also invested heavily in sinus meds.

So far, nada.  Nothing has helped.  Which has also been pissing me off.

But I will figure it out and finish these 12 articles!!

Fingers crossed!!

The Slut Scenario: Get More People Off

I'm going to be straight with you, I'm not an expert on how much trying new ideas would cost.  But I do know it's about as easy to change entitlements (or most anything after government has created it) as it is to roll a boulder up a mountain.

However, we as a nation are currently in a lot of debt.

We can't keep adding to it and pushing it all into the future and hope some future generation will solve all the problems.  Perhaps with a magic wand or a pet unicorn.  Not quite sure.

On the other hand, new ideas are shot down with the accuracy of Robin Hood's bow. Or Green Arrow. Or Hawkeye. Maybe Katniss (equality!).

Curious thing about all those naysayers, they never have their own solutions to offer, so right now I'm saying that if you absolutely hate my ideas, that's fine, but you'd better offer up your own alternate suggestion or keep your boo-hooing to yourself, thank you very much.

Now for the personal anecdote part of the article.  Many years ago, i…

Another blog about politics? Why?!

My entire life I've loved civics, politics, and all things American.  The first President I wrote a letter to was Ronald Reagan. I was 11.  I was fairly disappointed when what I received back was a 12-page form letter that answered exactly none of my questions.

I learned early that the political game was all about circling a question and appearing to give an answer while offering no pertinent information whatsoever.

I've written multiple letters to world leaders as well.  Spain. Australia.  UK.  They all responded and it was a lovely experience.

I wrote to a President again, this time GWB post-9/11.  Didn't hear anything at all.  So, half-point goes to Reagan!

I also waited for hours to meet Bill Clinton and Al Gore when they visited Santa Clara (or somewhere around there, I didn't write it down) and got to shake both their hands.  Though that was before the world learned where exactly Bill's hand had been.

I'm that friend who reprimanded my pals for not removing th…